Pimcore BMEcat Import/Export

Pimcore BMEcat Import/Export

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This bundle adds a result callback function template to Data Director's attribute mapping to create BMEcat export feeds. 

For further information see our Manual.

Information about the license: You can use the plugin under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3 to GNU General Public License, Version 3 (GPLv3). This comes with lots of usage rights and freedoms: Open-Source – You can view the unencrypted programming code of our plugins. Customization – Customize the plugin yourself exactly according to your needs and develop it further as you wish. Distribution – You can copy, redistribute and even sell the plugin or further developments as long as you keep the GNU GPLv3 license. The license is distributed without any warranty.

Please note: To use this bundle you must have our Blackbit Data Director for Pimcore in use. Supported BMEcat versions: 1.2, 2005.1.



Pimcore BMEcat Import/Export

This bundle adds a result callback function template to Data Director's attribute mapping to create BMEcat export feeds.

As it uses Data Director's export capabilities, your BMEcat exports profit as follows
• Everything is configurable in Pimcore backend user interface – no creation of PHP files or anything similar necessary

• Access any data which is connected to exported products (for example when you can easily access assigned categories, price information, manufacturers, product features images etc.)

• Full flexibility in setting up a transformation pipeline to change values to the desired format (e.g. some BMEcat-processing applications have restrictions on length of some fields)

• Supported BMEcat versions: 1.2, 2005.1

Always up-to-date BMEcat exports

Automatically execute exports whenever a product object gets saved whose data gets exported to
prepare export once the data changes, so that the data does not have to be generated in the moment when the export is requested. This results in very fast exports because the export document is already available in the moment of request and so you will have an always up-to-date BMEcat export.

• Upload exports automatically to a target system to always have up-to-date data there

• Automatically send data to the other APIs

• Intelligent checks whether anything changed since the last export. If nothing changed, export document gets delivered from cache

• Access exports via URL, for example to pull BMEcat export into an external system

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