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Discover our latest Pimcore bundles, specifically designed to revolutionize your digital experience. With these innovative extensions for Pimcore, the leading open-source platform for data and experience management, you can increase the efficiency of your web projects and reduce initial costs. Why reinvent the wheel? Our Pimcore bundles improve the functionality for importing and exporting data, searching and many other aspects of data management. They are perfect for optimizing data processing. Whether you want to improve your digital asset management or create customized customer solutions, our Pimcore bundles are the ideal choice to achieve your goals in the digital age. Stay at the forefront of technology with our latest developments.

Is it actually called Pimcore Bundles or Plugins?

When it comes to extensions for Pimcore, there are two terms you should know: "Pimcore Bundles" and "Pimcore Plugins".

With "Pimcore bundles", we're talking about the cool extras that you can add to your Pimcore platform. These bundles are like the special ingredients in a recipe - they add new features and make everything even better. That's the language that people in the Pimcore world usually speak, especially because Pimcore is based on Symfony and they call these extensions bundles.

Then there are the "Pimcore plugins". This is the general term for additional parts in software. Even if it's not used that often in the Pimcore world, most people understand what is meant when you talk about plugins.

In short: If you want to follow the Pimcore language to the letter, then use "Pimcore Bundles". This is the insider term, so to speak, for the cool extensions that you can pack into Pimcore.

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